Week 10: The point of my presentation

Jun 19, 2020

In the days leading up to my presentation, I was feeling a combination of excitement and anxiety. These are common emotions to feel before significant moments in one’s life. This presentation culminates my academic career at Basis. It’s hard to believe these years are coming to an end.

With this presentation, I hope to provide an interest in protest music. I don’t expect anyone to remember the specifics of my presentation a day after I present. Unfortunately, that’s reality. But if I plant a desire to learn more about protest music in someone’s mind, or the impression that media consumption (including music) can greatly influence one’s political leanings, then I’ll be successful. 

If you are skeptical of the influence of protest music on political opinions, I ask you to consider how often you listen to music. Would I be correct in assuming that you listen to music at least fairly often? It is not implausible to assume that with the immense significance music has and has had in American culture, songs can sway the minds that compose this country. I would also ask you to consider the element of entertainment that goes into contemporary news reporting – sensationalism, for example. Although protest music is more poetic, there is a thread that runs through both of these media. An emotional reaction to political events can make them seem more important and closer to oneself.

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