Week 9: Productive

May 29, 2020

We are finally nearing the end of this long project. I’m sure everyone is sad and excited at the same time. I had a very productive week and have finished all of my research on American cinema and history. I have compiled together my notes on all 40 films I have watched and have found several articles and reviews of certain films I have deemed noteworthy for discussion on my topic. At the same time I have also done some research on significant female figures in the entertainment industry, specifically Hollywood, to see how they have impacted it or have been impacted by the American entertainment industry. Now what needs to be done is coming up with a solid conclusion that justifies all of that research and the presentation can be done. I am very grateful to my onsite advisor who gave me lots of advice and provided me with great resources during my research while she was busy helping the release of new films every day. I look forward to seeing everyones hard work paying off in a few weeks.

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  1. Sima Y. says:

    This sounds like a very productive week.

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