Week 6: 80’s

May 15, 2020

This week I watched many classic 80’s films. Many of these films were ones I have seen while growing up and it was interesting to look at them through a new lens. Something interesting I noticed is the increase in the inclusion of more races as well as sexual minorities in the main casts of 80’s films and many films and television shows in the following years until now. However, I don’t think this decade was a complete turning point for women in films or society because I constantly saw a housewife figure in these films or I would see a wife being mistreated, neglected, or looked down on by men or their own husbands. Rather than being a turning point for women, I saw these films as more of a turning point for racial minorities, especially African Americans in films like “The Color Purple”.
Next week is my last week of watching films so I am looking forward to seeing the films that are going to display a culture that is the closest to ours today.

May 8, 2020

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