Week 5: Interview Prep

May 01, 2020

Welcome back, everyone!

Happy National College Decision Day to my fellow seniors! Before I get into my blog, I must say how proud I am of my class.  Basis is not an easy school but it prepares us to the best of its ability.  We finally did it, from all the complaining about APs to all the fun we had messing around in class.  We did it and I am beyond proud.  Onto our next chapter.  

Now onto the fun stuff! This week I spent time trying to figure out the formatting of the interviews.  This will be my first time conducting interviews without someone helping me come up with questions or telling me how I should run it.  To make this easier on myself, I decided to split my questioning into 4 categories, a technique I learned through my time on juries for Youth Impact cases. The first category is professional information.  I will be asking them about their titles during the case and their subsequent positions leading up to now. This will give me a chance to have a biography on them and talk about something other than the horrible facts of this case.  The second category is media coverage.  I will ask them how they feel the media played a role in the turnout of the case and if they think that had there been less coverage maybe the boys would’ve been originally found innocent. The third category is the criminal justice system.  I will ask them how they feel about the juvenile justice system and then move into questioning whether or not they feel as though it has gotten better since 1989, which is when the case occurred. The last category is police ethics and the case as a whole. I will ask them how they feel about the case and if they believe anything unethical was done to allow for the outcome we had in the case. I am so excited to be conducting these interviews and I can’t wait to report back to you all.  

See you next week!




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