Week 5: 70’s

May 01, 2020

This week was slower than usual in my schedule of watching films. I have 2 more films out of 7 to watch for the 70’s which I will have to leave for the weekend. Based on the films I have already watched for this week I see a huge culture change especially in the films Shampoo and Annie Hall. Something I forgot to mention in week 4’s blog post is something called Hays Code. Hays Code was a film and cinema production code adopted in 1930 and lasted for 3 decades, the 60’s. It was a set of rules that said that any American produced film could not have any of the following: drug use, sexual innuendos, intense violence, interracial relationships, promiscuity, homosexuality, mild profanity, prostitution, infidelity, or abortion. The ending of this code was a huge factor in the cultural shift of films that arises in late 60’s films and even more in 70’s films. It is most visible in the film Shampoo which has many of these factors in it, however, all the women in this film, and others from this time, are the stay at home type of woman who lives for family or for the man instead of women who live while working hard and having a respectable job. I am not saying that a married woman is not a hard worker because she cares about her family, I am saying that I have not seen any women with jobs.
A result I expect to see from all of these films is a desire, from the American society, for women to return to how they were before the Women’s Rights Movements and then having that backfiring towards the end of the century.

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  1. Denise H. says:

    So interesting seeing the these similarities and differences! Excited to see what comes of this project.

  2. Lois W. says:

    I might check out the film “Shampoo” some time 🙂

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