Week 4

Apr 30, 2020

This week I watched a film that was recommended to me by my on site advisor, Suzana Peric. She recommended I watch the 1930’s film The Women which was a film I found to be incredibly interesting. Since my topic is solely about women in American films I was surprised I haven’t heard about this film before. As the title suggests, this film is all about women and stars only women. It is becoming something to think about very carefully if this film was made to strengthen the women’s rights movement or to say that women should go back to their place as housewives. Other than that, I watched very interesting films this week from the 60’s which were all very different from each other. While watching films like The Sound of Music and Rosemary’s Baby I found many connections to events that were occurring at the time such as the legalization of abortion around the time when Rosemary’s Baby was released.
Next week I expect to see the rise of a new era through films where art becomes a big space for bringing up current issues. One film I’m particularly looking forward to is Norma Rae. Similar to the film Mildred Pierce in that the name of the film is the main character who is a woman. But I expect to find a very obvious difference in the way each woman behaves and is treated.
I apologize for this late entry, it happened because I had forgotten to post it earlier. I hope you are all doing well with your projects and enjoying them as much as possible. See you Friday!

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