Week 3: Getting Back on Track?

Apr 17, 2020

This week was 50’s week and I have definitely been noticing some steady changes in the films I have been watching this week compared to the films I watched last week. I watched 5 films this week, 3 of which had a specific focus on women. A handful of these films were probably some of the best films of the century, so many Americans must have seen these films when they were released. Knowing this, I am interested in finding out what kind of reaction these films brought to the public.
On another note, I am glad to say that I was able to have a zoom meeting with my on site senior project advisor this week. She gave me some more film recommendations and has suggested some important figures for me to look up. Her advice was very helpful because of her insight as someone in the film industry who is very interested in film history. We have also begun to set up a schedule so we can have regular meetings weekly. Things are not looking so bad.
Next week is the 60’s and I will expect to see less intelligent women in these films even if they may be lead roles. The time for intelligent women workers was the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s and I expected to see a downfall of that presence in later films. I will also try to find time to go back to the 30’s and watch The Women, one of the films my on site advisor recommended. This project continues to get more interesting for me and I am looking forward to seeing what I will find.

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