Week 1

Apr 11, 2020

Because of the coronavirus, it is unlikely that I will be able to visit any archives in person. I still intend to complete the project as best as I can using the books I have and of course, the internet. 

The books I have at my disposal are 33 Revolutions Per Minute by Dorian Lynksey, The Sixties by Todd Gitlin, and The Eve of Destruction: How 1965 Changed America by James T. Patterson. I have been engrossed in 33 Revolutions Per Minute these past few weeks and look forward to finishing and delving into the others. Lynskey provides a broad overview of protest songs in America (as the cover implies – “A History of Protest Songs: From Billie Holiday to Green Day”).

Though the section dedicated to the years 1989-2008 may not be immediately relevant to my project, it shows through a discussion of political events like the polarizing Reagan administration and the Gulf War that the Vietnam War is just one of the many moments in recent memory where Americans have used music to protest. 

Additionally, the opportunity to talk with Alyson Palmer of the alternative rock group BETTY has presented itself, so I will definitely be pursuing an interview. She has been an active musician since the 1980s, so I feel that she has a wealth of insight into the connection between social movements and music.

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