Week 2: Slow But Steady

Apr 10, 2020

This week has been a slow one but has gone by so fast. I have come up with a steady plan to finish watching all 40 films I intend to watch by around the second week of may. This week was the end of the 40’s so I am now steadily moving on to the 50’s films for next week.
I have found some very interesting differences between the films from the 30’s and the 40’s films. It seems that my predictions of strong female leads in the 40’s was a little bit off in some films but spot on in others. There is such a big variety of films from the 40’s ranging from films about war like Gone With The Wind to murder mystery films which seem to have been very popular in the 40’s. I have been trying to notice the effects of the 2nd World War on these 40’s films, especially Casablanca, and next week I will try to see if the Cold War had any similar or different effects on American cinema. I have already learned a lot based on the early years of American film, but I think it’s best to take my time with each film and stick to this new schedule I have made for myself.
I also hope everyone is staying inside and remaining healthy during these times with COVID-19 and I hope we can all see each other again very soon. See you again next week!

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