Week 2: Coming Along Slowly

Apr 10, 2020

Welcome to Week 2 of the Banned Books Blog! This week, unfortunately, wasn’t as productive as I’d originally hoped. There were some ups and downs, but in the end, I’ve completed my Animal Farm essay and began my research on the novel by piecing together how history shaped the story and a few critiques of the novel. The reader response essay is yet to be reviewed by Dr. Lisa. On the flip side, however, I did not get around to finishing reading 1984 or beginning my We essay. I’ll begin by listing my accomplishments and what I hope to complete tomorrow.

I wrote my Animal Farm reader response essay this week. This is the longest one so far, totaling 4 1/2 pages. This essay took a fairly long time, mainly because I reacted so strongly to Orwell’s fable. You can check out my feelings of heartbreak, shock, anger, and dismay in essay form right here:


I wanted to convey all that I felt through that essay because Animal Farm is really the book that ignited my desire to do this particular senior project. I had a lot of background knowledge on the topic, as well as the allegory of the Bolshevik Revolution that the novel conveys. It was very important that I took my time in writing this essay to properly depict my outrageous reaction, considering it’s importance to my project.

I hope to complete my We essay this weekend, and if not, first thing next week. If it’s completed by then, expect a follow-up blog by tomorrow. A little sneak peek to that: I was mostly disappointed about reading We, knowing that it was the inspiration to 1984. 

Unfortunately, this blog post isn’t as long and detailed as I would have hoped. Hopefully next week is a little better! Until tomorrow, everyone! Thank you for reading!

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