Week 1

Apr 03, 2020

Although we are unable to attend our onsite locations this year, I have managed to find a way to complete my senior project just as well. During this first week of working on my senior project I have made a complete list of films that I will be watching and studying throughout the next couple weeks. I have found up to four to seven movies from each decade starting from the 1930’s. A majority of the films I have chosen were chosen based on their popularity during their time of release and the inclusion of a female lead. By the end of this week I will have finished watching all 4 films from the 30’s and will soon start watching the 40’s films. Since there are six films from this decade I plan on watching only four of them because I have already seen the other two. For those two films that I will not be watching again I will instead look up summaries to refresh my memory and take notes based on that. I have also been keeping organized notes on each film and noting things about the female lead such as her relationship with the male lead/leads, the way she acts, the way her character is treated by other characters, and writing down notable scenes which I think are important to remember.

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