Mar 13, 2020

Welcome to my senior project blog! My name is Sahm Schiller, and I am a high school senior at Basis Independent Brooklyn who is fiercely interested in music. 

Having played guitar for five and half years and being an avid music listener for even longer, I was always curious about the culture surrounding songs and their role in society. With this project, I am finally endeavoring to satisfy my curiosity by investigating Vietnam War-era protest music and its effects on anti-war attitudes. 

Although I will read four books discussing the politics of the 1960s, the prospect of engaging with primary sources is especially intriguing. I am in the process of securing an interview with a Vietnam War veteran and participant in the anti-war movement to discuss their experiences and inquire about the way the culture of the decade may have impacted understandings of the war. I also intend to visit archives and review relevant materials. These archives include the Interference Archive, located here in Brooklyn, the Activism at The New School Oral History Program located at the New School in Manhattan, and NYU Special Collections. Their film reels, news articles, posters, oral histories, and music recordings rank among the types of revealing materials I hope to examine.  

This project can be understood as a historical media study. By the end, I hope to better understand the political and cultural dimensions of protest music within the climactic context of the Vietnam War.

My proposal:

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  1. Jackie G. says:

    The interviews with a Vietnam war veteran and anti war protester sound cool! I can’t wait to read more

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