Introduction to Banned Books in the Cold War

Mar 12, 2020

Hello! My name is Kristin Jawahir, a literature fanatic, BASIS student for six years, and aspiring book author. Due to my passion for writing and politics, I decided to perform a study on Banned Books in the Cold War for my senior project.

The question my project aims to answer is as follows:

In what ways can literature be used as an outlet for potential criticism of modern society, and how did book censorship reflect the political and social tension during the Cold War in both the U.S. and Soviet Union?

To answer this question I will be performing analytical research of books on my seven-book-long book list at the Center for Fiction and discuss the topic of censorship with contemporary authors. This project will show the importance of literature in the period 1945-1991, the most politically tense era in both U.S. and European history, decode the reasons for government censorship and fear among the public, discuss the question of whether or not novel censorship violates freedom of speech, and when and if it is valid. My research will be given to the Center for Fiction to be utilized during Banned Books Month in September.

Feel free to click the link and check out my senior project proposal: Banned Books in the Cold War

Thank you for reading!

4 Replies to “Introduction to Banned Books in the Cold War”

  1. James G. says:

    That’s really cool! Are you going to focus on particular authors or approach the topic from a more general point of view?

  2. Sima Y. says:

    This sounds like a really interesting project. I can’t wait to see where your research goes.

  3. Jackie G. says:

    I never thought of banned books as a way to examine a society and it’s political tensions. This is such a cool way to reflect on the Soviet Union.

  4. Jamestraft says:

    thank so considerably for your web site it aids a great deal.

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