Week 11: Last Week

Jun 21, 2019

Although I intend to rejoin Project YESS sometime in the summer, this was my last week working at Project YESS for my senior project.

On Monday, we were welcoming a new wave of interns to the Project YESS staff to work at over the summer. I spent most of my day attending conferences with the interns as well as my advisor, and the PI in order to introduce ourselves and discuss their assigned work for the summer. I noticed that all of them had majors in either Biostatistics or Epidemiology which intrigued me as I am considering studying Epidemiology in the future, and it is reassuring for me to know how much public health coincides with it.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I spent most of my time traveling between our main headquarters in Rory Meyers to our 2nd ave location in the Gramercy Radiology center to meet more couples for them to pilot test the Phase 2 survey. Although there were 4 couples scheduled to meet us and take the survey within those 2 days, unfortunately a couple didn’t arrive at their scheduled time. Although this has happened multiple times, we made sure to contact this particular couple about 2 hours before the meeting to confirm they were coming and they seemed to be very on board. Despite demonstrating their enthusiasm for arriving to the meeting and taking they survey, they unexpectedly ended up not arriving after waiting for them for about 45 minutes. All calls and messages we made to them during that time were left unanswered. As disappointing as this was, we were all in the process of learning to develop a level of patience of recruiting youth as they tend to abruptly lose contact with project staff. Nonetheless, I spent the time originally meant to pilot test the survey to the couple to working on my senior project presentation where I present all of my findings.


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