Jun 19, 2019

I have completely finished my senior project at Reel Works. After two and a half months, I have learned a great deal about internships and researching in general.

I was finally able to confidently answer my research question, and confidently say that although entertainment does matter and is an important part of the film and television business as a whole, accuracy should be taken into consideration, as it can affect one’s psyche and individual thought process. Specifically on true crime shows, a jury gathers that information unconsciously and can apply to real life court cases and negatively affect a defendant’s life. Documentaries on the other hand, are usually accurate, depending on the documentary mode. However films depicting forensic science are for the most part correct due to the copious amounts of research the filmmaker does before releasing their film.

My onsite experience overall has been eye opening in a lot of ways. I learned about how much work a film, even a short one, can take to film. After over three years of academic work, an out of class experience pushed my boundaries to take charge of my individual work and formulate my project with the help of my advisor a long the way. The senior project has been an amazing experience and beginning to start the next part of my life in college.

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