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Jun 19, 2019

It has been a wild ride. From a McLaren that could not go backwards, a crashed Ferrari, and a rat’s nest in a Porsche, I will never forget my time at Corsa Motors.

To sum up my experience and learning, here are my big takeaways.

  • When one thinks about an exotic car there are many aspects that come to mind. From the maker, to the horse power, and even the amount of cars produced, different people have their own opinion about what classifies an exotic car.
  • Modern cars have an ample amount of safety that we don’t even realize. In order to protect the passengers, high performance cars match their power with safety. Balancing out fun with well being.
  • To ensure strength, structural rigidity and beauty and at the same time be lightweight and balanced vehicles, exotic cars manufacturers use expensive materials like carbon fiber, titanium, and carbotanium for body parts. And for the interior they use alkantara, leather, and carbon fiber. All these materials are very expensive and are not used in the cars most people drive on a daily basis. Also, many of the exotic cars are produced in small quantities and assembled manually. High manufacturing costs and overhead of exotic and luxury cars contributes to the high price.

After being around these engineering marvels, and experiencing their sheer power, I am excited about attending Stevens Institute of Technology next year and maybe in the future I’ll find myself in Modena, Italy sit at the round table of the Lamborghini design team.

Bottom line … If you can afford an exotic car, for the power, luxury and safety, it’s all worth it!

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  1. Ryah A. says:

    Your experience with Corsa Motors sounded so great! Do you see yourself working wit them in the future once again?

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