Final Presentation

Jun 18, 2019

Hello once again everyone,

Last Saturday I finally gave my concluding presentation for my senior project. I would mark it as a great success! I was a little anxious going into it but once I got on stage my nerves seemed to disappear. In the beginning of the presentation, I cracked a few jokes and the crowd was extremely responsive. This put me at ease and I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. It turned out to be pretty fun to give a presentation like that in front of so many people. In the end I had countless numbers of questions and had an insightful Q and A for five to ten minutes with the audience. This experience was very fulfilling and was a great way to wrap up my senior project.

Finally, I graduate this Thursday! I will be posting one final conclusion blogpost tomorrow afternoon and then I will be completely done with my curriculum for BASIS Independent Brooklyn. The four years went by extremely fast and this senior project was a great way to conclude four years of hard work!

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