Week 10: The End

Jun 14, 2019

This week I continued my research on my prion and discussed what I found with my project adviser. He is publishing a paper on the topic and intends to put my name on it.

Overall, I learned a number of valuable things during my senior project. To start with, while doing the cell experiments, I learned proper lab techniques and protocols. A lot of people take for granted the work that has to be done in the lab. However, in high school we aren’t taught it but are already expected to know it in college.

I also learned how to conduct research and how to formulate a paper and a scientific question. The knowledge that I received will continue to aide me through college and beyond.

I want to end by saying thank you to my advisers. They were both incredibly helpful when it came to answering any questions I had or when I needed to put together the ideas for my senior project.

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