Wrapping Up

Jun 10, 2019

Welcome back everyone!

While my onsite experiences are finished, I have one interview to share with you all. Last week I met with Daniel Johnnes, a partner at a wine distribution company and works closely with Daniel Blue. Mr. Johnnes and I discussed the appeal of biodynamic wines and how they are marketed in retail stores and for distribution. From what I have gathered, marketing in America and Europe differs in a few ways. Most importantly, the way we describe if a wine is organic or not changes based on the continent. For example, in France a wine label may say “organic wine” but that same wine in America would be labeled “made with organic grapes.” The lines seem to be blurred when it comes to rules such as these. To be honest, I’m not quite sure as to why these regulations are in place. However, Mr. Johnnes described to me his belief on how and why wines are marketed this way. He claims that wines should not be marketed at all as conventional, organic, biodynamic, or etc. He believes that there is good wine and bad wine. In his view, the average wine consumer does not truly understand the differences between these varieties. This lack of understanding leads to insignificant differences in what wines get purchased.

My interview with Mr. Johnnes was short but nonetheless extremely insightful. Alas, my project comes to its true end. Next on the docket is my senior project presentation. You can come check it out at 12:45 on Saturday, June 15.

I will be posting one final concluding blog next week. See you then!

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