Week 10: End

Jun 10, 2019

This week is a my last week working at Reel Works. It has been a crazy few months, with a lot of ups and downs. To make sure I was ready for my presentation, I re watched Thin Blue Line and Central Park Five. Both films are products for history that have changed the landscape of storytelling. And surprisingly, on May 31st,  a Netflix miniseries called When They See Us  retells the Central park Five case from the boys perspective, to the parents, and even the prosecution. It gave another piece of information to use, even if it is a drama. The documentary interviews the real boys, now men who were involved with the case. But the drama brings out the viewer’s emotions even more, showing how the case affected each man after they were convicted. I have to make sure the information shown on screen is reliable and true as well.

My Mentor also taught me about Adobe Sparks, a program that allows me to create web spread sheets and web pages in a succinct modern way. I created a web page just for Reel Works, summarizing what I did during my time there and how they provided for me. On Monday I am hopefully going on set for a student film as a production assistant, to gain first hand experience.

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