Week 10: More Locations and Lit Reviews

Jun 08, 2019

Due to Memorial Day, my advisor in addition to project staff members were out of the office for the week. Therefore, I was assigned to work from home per instructions from the PI of Project YESS.

A colleague had identified that a new wave of summer events had been added into locations in Harlem and the South Bronx, our key areas of interest. As a follow up, I began to identify events that would appeal throughout the week, I was assigned to find events that would appeal to our study population such as festivals, fairs, and more. After adding the events into a group spreadsheet that contained the date, time, brief description, etc. of the event, I then transferred all of them onto a Project YESS calendar that everyone in the staff has access too so we can keep track and organize the upcoming events in order to prevent conflicts.

Additionally, I was assigned to undergo an in-depth literature review on the link between relationship quality and 1) STD diagnosis, 2) sexual concurrency (having multiple sexual partners). These themes are significant for our study based off of our conversations with the first pilot test couples we screened. They discussed how being in a concurrent sexual relationships with multiple people can influence their susceptibility to contracting STDs. Our conversation with them also corresponded to literature that I found, evaluating how having concurrent sexual partners acts as not only a stressor in a romantic relationship but also increases the risk of contracting STDs. This is helpful for Project YESS in order to us develop the tailored intervention program, we will know that encouraging monogamy will be a crucial part to maintaining a healthy relationship as well as individual sexual health.

For the rest of the week, I spent my time working on my senior project presentation. Particularly the background and significance of my project and the issue I am focusing on.


2 Replies to “Week 10: More Locations and Lit Reviews”

  1. Devon B. says:

    There are some very interesting findings within your literature review! In today’s climate, more and more people are turning to the idea of open relationships and in turn throwing monogamy out of the window. Is there a way to promote sexual health without limiting the amount of sexual partners one should have? If not, how is your organization prepared to counter the ideas of open relationships and ‘hookup culture’ that are so prevalent today?


    1. Ryah A. says:

      Unfortunately, it is harder to maintain multiple sexual relationships while maintaining a reduced risk of contracting HIV along with other STIs. By promoting monogamy, couples are able to significantly reduce their risk of contracting any STDs/STIs. In order to achieve this, developing an intervention program that centers on couples counseling would be extremely helpful as it will help reduce the ‘stressors’ that are so commonly the reasons why youth tend to engage in concurrent sexual relationships to begin with.

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