Week 10: Getting Evicted

Jun 07, 2019

This week was my last and also happened to be the most unexpected and memorable. A candy apple red Porsche Macan was brought in for a regular maintenance.

A regular maintenance includes changing the oil, oil filter, air filter, cabin filter, and wiper blades along with checking the brakes and tires. However, when James opened the hood I registered a surprise on his face. I quickly moved to see what was under the hood, and there it was, a rodent’s nest constructed right in the center of the engine compartment.

In addition to the nest, after the air filter was removed, we could see that some of the electric wire insulator seemed to be chewed through. The nest in the engine compartment and the exposed wires were a real safety hazard because the wires get really hot and could have caused the nest to catch fire. I just could not imagine to see anything like this in an exotic automobile. James shared with me that this is not the first time he has seen rodents finding a home in cars. In general, finding a full nest is uncommon but having chewed wires can happen in the suburbs quite often and sometimes this problem can even occur in the city. This regular maintenance turned into a full scale cleaning and repair but it was good that this problem was found. This incident highlights how important it is to check up and do regular maintenance on cars to prevent serious issue and maintain safety.     

I really enjoyed my time at Corsa Motors and learned so much!

2 Replies to “Week 10: Getting Evicted”

  1. Ryah A. says:

    Wow this is insane!! How do you think they initially got in there?

  2. Devon B. says:

    What a crazy find! It’s expected to work with mice in my lab, but I would never imagine you would have to!!

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