Week 8 (may 13-17): Arduino Programming and Cthulhu Shield Prep

Jun 04, 2019

Welcome back y’all!

Although I was unable to visit the lab due to the majority of the members being out of town, I was able to work from home. And this week I am back at it again with another coding language! I relearned the Arduino software, and the basic scripts behind it. This was all in preparation for a new multi-sensory device purchased by the lab called the Cthulhu Shield. As described on the Cthulhu Shield’s website, “The Cthulhu Shield is an open-source Arduino Uno and Arduino Mega compatible sensory substitution/sensory augmentation device. It uses an 18 electrode grid to tactilely display signals on the tongue. The electrodes on the array can be activated with patterns of electrical pulses to depolarize nerve membranes in the tongue to create different types of touch sensations. You can use these touch sensations to draw shapes or simple images on the tongue, feel different sound frequencies, or receive turn by turn directions with your tongue.” (Sapien LLC) Giles tasked me with learning how to setup and perform experiments with the Cthulhu Shield in a way that might add sustenance to his existing study. Thankfully, I had an Arduino on hand from many years ago, so I was somewhat familiar with the underlying code and programming. After downloading all the necessary programs for the Cthulhu Shield, I wrote up a basic guide so that Giles could easily set up the Cthulhu in the lab.

I spent countless hours researching and learning about the Cthulhu Shield and the endless possibilities this technology offers to those who are disabled. Next week I will be able to get hands-on experience with the Cthulhu Shield and possibly test out some of the code I wrote up!

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