Week 10: The Final Countdown

Jun 03, 2019

Yes, it’s a catchy song by Europe, but this also marks my tenth week on site at my lab for my senior project. Although I still plan on working for at least the next several weeks, until I am able to fully complete my project and put together some writing, this will most likely be my last official post for school.

I spent a fair amount of this week attempting to perfect my staining from last week, which for some reason kept not staining even on controls. This means that my procedure simply needed to be optimized. This simple optimization, however, took most of the week, but thankfully on Friday began to work. Since for the optimization I only used control slides, so not to waste tissue, I will begin redoing the actual entire group of slides next week on Monday.

Helping out with other project around the lab while working on my own staining, I continued to culture and split cells, had a small organizational cleanup project, prepared cDNA, and retrieved some small intestine tissues from the phase one of my experiment to be made into slides. I will stain these SI slides after I redo my optimized LI ones from this week and finish their analysis.

In the meantime, I continue to monitor and provide food and medications to my animals. The tumors are already growing quicker than I had previously anticipated, and I am beginning to see interesting patterns of progress between the groups even though I am unaware of the exact treatment groups because they were randomized.

In the end, these are all good signs. Though for much of this week I was focused on tedious optimization, I am confident that the next several weeks and the coming months will yield significant insight alongside my project thanks to the continued efforts of the truly amazing team that I have had the honor to learn from and work amongst over the last several years.

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