An End to My Internship – Next Steps

Jun 03, 2019

As the senior project comes to a close it was sad to say goodbye to my colleagues at the company. I had such an amazing time with everyone during my time there and learned a great deal about audio, advertising, and working with other people.

This week, I will be putting my focus into this blog, the upcoming presentation, as well as my own personal music endeavors. Today I continued working on the second and third movements of a piece of music that I’m preparing for said presentation. Here’s a screenshot of my Digital Audio Workstation while I’m editing the music.

This June, I started up a collaborative album that I’ve been planning for the past three months. This music track is one of the many songs planned for the album. It’s meant to be the soundtrack for an imaginary video game with the theme “Muscle Wizards.” As such, I’m using sounds from old video game consoles (NES, SNES, Genesis) for the sound design to give it that retro feel.

The composition for the song was written by a friend of mine, Jose Arellano, and I’m doing the song design, drums, etc. Jose gave me piano midi and I am in charge of creating instruments for that midi, composing the percussive parts, mixing the sounds so they all fit together professionally, and finishing a final master for the song.

Collaboration is a common, often necessary part of finishing music projects. Different people have different skills so learning to bounce ideas and bring out the best in everyone can create something that no one person could by him or her or their self. I’m excited to see where this goes!

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  1. Devon B. says:

    This sounds like a very interesting collaboration! I love the idea of sounds from different consoles coming together to achieve that retro/nostalgic feel. Can’t wait to hear the final piece!

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