Week 6 (April 29-May 3): Pre-Pilot Testing and the Search for More Programs

Jun 01, 2019

Welcome back to another exciting week at the Chan Lab!

While there was no lab meeting on Tuesday, I had more than enough work on my hands with Giles’ testing. Starting Monday I was tasked with finding and editing a program that could test both spatial accuracy and reaction time. After searching through hundreds of psychology tests through Millisecond (an online database), I came up with one program that could measure spatial accuracy and another that measured reaction time. The problem was that there was no easy way to combine the two tests. I discussed the issues with Giles, and we decided that it would be easier to set up a physical test to achieve our goal. We are going to set up a whiteboard with various markers, and ask the subjects to touch the markers as fast as possible and with as much accuracy as possible.

Now that we had come up with a substantial amount of tests for Giles’ pilot testing, I was able to be the first to test the experiments out. Although we couldn’t publish my results, I was still able to give constructive feedback on the comfortability of the vOICe headset and the difficulty of the tasks. Giles then adjusted the headset and the difficulty of the tests to better suit the subjects’ needs. After the audio testing the other high school volunteer, Patrick, came in with the tactile portion of the test. This test measures how well subjects can differentiate between patterns imprinted on their fingers. Patrick 3D printed parts to ensure the test would work, and I was able to test it out and give my feedback. Below is an image of the tactile test setup:

This week was jam-packed with testing and searching for programs, and this means proper pilot testing can begin next week!


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