Week 9: Gallardo Can’t Catch Its Breath

May 31, 2019

This week a Lamborghini Gallardo was brought in with a check engine light.

Lamborghini’s famous logo is the bull and the names of all their vehicles are connected to the bull theme. For example, the Gallardo is named after one of the five Spanish bull breed castes, the Aventador bares the name of the famous bull that won a legendary fight in 1993, and their latest model is called the Urus after the wild ancestor of the modern bull.  

When the customer arrived at the Corsa Motors he stated that the check engine light has turned on. After working with exotic cars for over 10 years, James quickly noticed that the factory exhaust has been swapped out for a more performance exhaust. After performing the scan with Leonardo, the car computer, James identified that there was a problem with the catalytic converter efficiency.

The catalytic converter is a part of the exhaust system which is located between the exhaust manifold and the muffler and it’s main function is to purify the exhaust through a chemical reaction. Going to the live data, James started the car and checked the live parameters for the oxygen sensors. There are two oxygen sensors, one before the catalytic converter and one behind it, which indicate if the catalytic converter is doing its job. Based on the data displayed, James came to the conclusion that the catalytic converter was not working properly and needed to be replaced. When James removed the catalytic converter, the reason for the problem became evident, it was missing the main element that purifies the exhaust.

Now Corsa ordered a new high performance catalytic converter to match the high performance exhaust and Lamborghini Gallardo could charge once again with even more power then before.

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