Organic Farrm Wines – Bottling up my Vineyard Experiences

May 29, 2019

Hello everyone and welcome back!

This week marks the end of my onsite vineyard experiences for the senior project. I have spent the last few days working with Rex Farr at his vineyard, Organic Farrm Wines (OFW), learning about biodynamics in practice and how he goes about farming. Due to the current time of year, the job that I was to execute was the exact same job that I performed in France: suckering. However, it was fascinating to see how the grape varieties that Mr. Farr is farming differed in growth to the grapes in Bordeaux. It seemed that due to New York’s recent rainy and cold weather, the vines have had a tougher time growing, where in comparison, Bordeaux has had ideal weather and climate in the past several weeks. Another contrast between OFW and Bordeaux was the style of vineyard. Vignobles Lataste in Cadillac, France is an organic vineyard, where OFW takes it one step further and is completely biodynamic.

One fascinating finding that I made during my time with Mr. Farr was the general healthy vibe of his vineyard. It is hard to describe this feeling but I will do my best. When you are standing in the middle of one of his 64 rows of vines, the gentle wind is blowing in your face, and it is absolutely quiet you can almost hear the farm speaking to you. You begin to get into a rhythm with the soil and with the vines. The lack of chemical sprays and artificial fertilizers allows the dirt to be softly packed rather than hard and dead. It is the culmination of all these factors that amplifies the vineyards health and vibe; and this is absolutely tangible.

While it is sad that I will no longer be working on anymore vineyards for the remainder of my project, I certainly learned a lot and have had so many wonderful experiences that have changed my views on agriculture and healthy ecosystems. Before I wrap up my project completely, however, I will be interviewing Daniel Johnnes to get his perspective on how to market and sell wines in the US market. I am very excited to let you all know what I have learned in the next upcoming blog!

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