Week 9: Forensic Science and Surveys

May 28, 2019

This week I focused on getting back in touch with the forensic biologists at The Office of Chief Medical Examiner. I wrote a survey using google form and sent it to the two contacts with a number of questions revolving around forensic science representation. After weeks of research on the matter, I learned a lot about how relatively knew the field is, and with the rise of true crime, it is impossible to find a show that does not skew reality, even if it is a little. The survey consists questions I encountered while doing my research that I feel an experienced forensic scientist could expand more on. Such as the exact perimeters of the job, dealing with biases, and so on.

I also re watched a few episodes from Bones and CSI to make sure I had all the information correct. I then searched for more websites that discussed the episodes in detail and I discovered a blog by anthropologist Kristina Killgrove that corrects the science and validity of certain Bones episodes. She trained as a classical bioarchaeologist that answers questions on ancient Romans using their skeletons. On each blog post, she does a deep dive into each episode and ranks the science based on a letter scale. This blog is incredibly valuable for my research.

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