Week 9 – Injecting and Infecting

May 24, 2019

I planned to graft my new mice on Wednesday, meaning that I had a bit of time to prepare the melanoma cells that I would inject and do any final preparations for the start of this experiment.

All the mice needed to be grouped and randomized. Each mouse also needed to be labeled individually so that I can keep track of each one’s progress. I had to learn a specific method of punching holes in the mice’s ears in a specific pattern to number them. Before grafting, I also needed to shave a small area on their backs so that I could see the area I would inject into.

In addition, each group of mouse cages has a specific procedure for their treatment. Their respective waters and oral medications also needed to therefore be prepared.

I began my protocol early in the week, and grafted the mice on Wednesday. Following treatment I monitored the mice and measured their tumors in order to see successful progression and the outcomes that I am expecting.

I also continued some work with my older tissues, staining slides, working on immunohistochemistry. These were largely unsuccessful, so I will continue to optimize next week while also monitoring mouse tumor progression and their medications.

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