Week Six: New assay

May 22, 2019

Over the past few weeks of assays, I noticed that the MTT assay numbers were very low. Therefore, I decided to revise the assay and to try and create an edited version to stimulate more cell activity. This week, I researched assays and then created the different mixture and solutions in preparation for the assay that I will conduct next week.


On Monday and Tuesday I read about the MTT assay and different versions of it that is carried out. I decided to create an MTT solution that was more concentrated (in terms of the MTT dye added to the cell wells) and test out whether or not that would create a difference. I knew that the earlier MTT assay was wrong because the cell growth in the wells was abundant. Since the assay measures cell metabolic activity, the low OD numbers pointed to flaws in the assay itself and not in the cell growth (the CV assay produced high OD numbers).


This week was much more “research heavy” than the other weeks in terms of the course load. Although I had previously read research papers in preparation for my experiments it was always accompanied by lab work.

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