Week Seven: Assay in Action

May 22, 2019

Last week, I spent the time preparing for my cell assay. This week I carried out the experiment.


On Monday I began by planting cells in the cell wells. I used concentration densities of ten thousand to one hundred thousand, going up by increments of ten thousand. I planned on leaving the cells for two days to ensure optimal cell growth.


On Tuesday I did not go into the lab as I was growing the cells for 48 hours. On Wednesday, I went in to check on the cells and conduct the experiment. The media in the one hundred thousand density cell wells had started to turn yellow, indicating that the cells were dying from lack of nutrition. I decided to do two experiments using the assay: one in which I would leave the cells for 24 hours with MTT solvent to and another in which I would leave the cells foro 3.5 hours with the MTT solvent. I would then compare the OD numbers and the crystalization rate.


On Thurseday, I did the second half of the experiment (only 3.5 hours of incubation) and recorded and graphed my results. As expected, the 24 hour cells had higher OD values than the 3.5 hour ones, with the ratio of OD values being close to 2:1.


On Friday I came in only to check up on other growing cells by changing media and splitting cell cultures.

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