Week 8: Science and Film

May 21, 2019

This week I watched a few more episodes of CSI and Bones to compare and contrast the episodes side by side. I noticed that although the tones of both shows were completely different, I was right about the fundamental ways each episode is shot. The lights and futuristic atmosphere is very consistent. This technique impacts how the audience thinks in a number of ways. It affects how people think, especially overestimating how far technology has come in general. Although technology is advancing at an exponential rate, there are many factors that the viewer seems to forget while watching crime shows. The idea of suspension of disbelief becomes muddled with reality in interesting ways.

I also wrote my questions to ask the forensic biologists at the The Office of Chief Medical Examiner. I met with them at the beginning of the year, and was even able to tour the lab with my adviser. It was an eye opening experience, especially as someone who has watched SVU and other crime shows since I can remember.  The labs themselves are much more clinical and lackluster for good reason, but that is not the only thing that was night and day. The amount of knowledge that each scientist knows is very limited to counter any possible biases and each forensic scientist has to wear a lot of protective gear to not contaminate any evidence. I had more questions after this visit and especially after all the research I have done, so I wrote a number of questions for the two scientists. Hopefully I will hear back soon.

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