Week 8

May 17, 2019

While continuing to prepare for the second stage of my experiment, I spent most of this week running analyses to represent the results of the first stage.

I ran two different quantitative PCRs (polymerase chain reactions) in order to see the amplification and expression of the specific tight junction protein DNA that I am looking into further. Unfortunately, however, one of them did not did not work as the CTs (cycle thresholds) for the controls were too small, so that one needed to be repeated for a total of three QPCRs. The CT is inversely proportional to expression and therefore the amount of RNA as a logarithmic graph. Each of these took the majority of an entire day, and with analysis represent a significant portion of what I did this week.

Taking pictures of slides comparing the effects of several medications on the structure of the epithelium in the gut, I put together photo diagrams to demonstrate that a recognized idea is true in my experiment, because I rely on it in my hypothesis. These will be used not only for my experiment, but also on a coming grant that is being written now as well as on our paper hopefully.

I also ordered more mice since my second phase will need at least six groups, and they arrived on Friday. After being placed in the facility, and checked, we left them for the weekend to get used to their new environment. Treatment will begin next week.

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