Week 7: Total Take Down

May 17, 2019

This week I was lucky to see another Ferrari F360 taken apart.

The owner brought the car into the shop because when he drives, the car goes into neutral. The Ferrari F360 has a F1 transmission shifting system, which means that it is a dry clutch system (it does not have a torque converter.) The clutch is electronically controlled by the driver using the paddle shifters.

This form of transmission shifting was designed by Magneti Marelli (a performance and racing car parts company) and is used in almost every supercar including Formula 1 cars.

To diagnose the problem, James took the usual route, connecting the car to Leonardo but that was not enough. In order to see, first hand, the issue the owner described, Cosmo decided to drive it. I readily volunteered to go with him and as we were driving using the 4th gear, the car lost acceleration and the dashboard displayed Neutral.

We got back to the shop and Cosmo reported what he experienced to James. Then, James reviewed the collected data and saw that all information was within proper parameters.

After conducting all the tests and using the data which Leonardo provided, James arrived at the conclusion that one or more synchronizers inside the gearbox were in poor condition. To find out if his analysis was correct, the transmission had to be extracted from the vehicle. As you may remember, taking out the transmission is not an easy feat.

To remove the transmission, it must be first separated from the engine and the clutch and then, it can be pulled out from the bottom of the car.

The Ferrari F360 was taken apart to the bare minimum and I got to see all the onboard computers which are responsible for regulating and maintaining the proper operation of the vehicle.

Since the car was taken apart this much, I was able to learn about what makes these exotic cars high performing. From special air intake to controlled fuel injection as well as F1 shifting mechanisms, these exotic cars are extremely complicated machines and fine tuned for performance and efficiency.

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