Week 7: More Research on Bones

May 14, 2019

This week I sat down and watched the first seven episodes of season one and the first three episodes from the last season from the Bones series. I was sick on Tuesday, so I was not able to research, but I am planning to continue my research next week. After last week’s research, I have become a lot more doubtful about forensic science in general, especially after watching Bones. The use of the hologram in season one was so interesting to me that I looked into the reality of that type of technology. The ability to recreate a face from bones and illustrate how a person could have died seemed too good to be true. In reality the technology is called volumetric imaging, which attempts to form a visual representation of an image in three dimensions. This idea is still in its early stages of development and should be taken with a grain of salt. Just like CSI, the tones of the show has switched. Each character has gone through major changes, such as marriage, kids, and even becoming a paraplegic. Similar to CSI, a serial killer is after the team and Dr. Brennan, the main character especially. However, from my experience most police procedural shows usually have these types of story lines to involve the audience, who have become attached or identifies with the characters. The mis-en-scene is also very similar, with the use of glass and colder colors like blue to suggest a pristine and futuristic setting which I know now is entirely false. Unlike CSI, it is a lot more lighthearted and comedic, which can be strange when they are joking and working on a dead body at the same time. I will continue my research in the next coming weeks.

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