Week 6: Airbag Light Rave and Wrap Artist

May 10, 2019

This week Corsa Motors got a classic American muscle, the Corvette Stingray. This Corvette drove into the shop and the owner complained of having a slow start, at times, and that the airbag light randomly turns on and off.

The first step was connecting the car to Leonardo, the car computer, and obtaining the error codes. After analyzing the data, James noticed that the voltage for the battery was low. The proper voltage for a car battery is 12.6 volts. However, the Corvette’s battery had a voltage of 11.8 volts. This was an indicator that something must be wrong internally with the battery, so James decided to do the load test. The load test simulates a car start to see the health percentage of the battery. The health percentage on the Corvette was low and this meant that one of the battery cells must have failed. After telling the client that the battery needed to be replaced, James replaced the battery and reset the codes.

After the work was done I got to go on the test drive with Cosmo to make sure that the car starts properly and that problem with the error lights was resolved.

After the technical issues were taken care of, the owner of the Corvette asked to get the car wrapped. Wrapping a car is a lengthy process that allows the car to be a different color without the need to paint the body panels. In the car industry, when a car gets repainted it loses value and raises many questions including a possibility that it was in an accident.

Corsa Motors is one-stop-shop for all car related needs so Cosmo called, Stan, a professional car detailer, to come and wrap the Corvette. It took 5 hours to complete the wrapping and the American Muscle Corvette became hot pink, making it look like a Hotwheels car.

I was surprised that the owner wanted to cover the gorgeous metallic blue with the hot pink, but on Friday, the owner shared pictures of the Corvette and everything made sense. The car was used for a modeling agency photo shoot.

Never a dull moment at Corsa Motors!

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