Week 4 (April 8-12): Spending Hours on Millisecond

May 08, 2019

Welcome back to the blog!

As they say, another week another programming language! This week I was introduced to yet another psychology test database and software known as Millisecond. Millisecond offers hundreds of well-known cognitive and neuropsychological tests, and my task was to search through the tests looking for viable base programs for our study. Unlike other programs, this one runs on any browser, so I was able to work from home when I wasn’t at the lab.

With most of the base tests gathered for our experiment, we were able to design more of our own programs. Giles gave me the task of creating randomly generated pictures in Excel which would be later used in a visual test. Even though it appeared very simple, it turned out to be very tedious as I ran into various formatting issues. After figuring out how to format and send over the images, Giles took over this brain-numbing task and offered me a more artistic one instead. I was now asked to make a variety of pixelated letters and numbers using a 20×20 grid on Excel. These images are going to be later used in a task where the subject must differentiate the orientation of the letter/number.

I spent the rest of my week completing both of these tasks. The immense variety of tasks I am able to do while at this lab is amazing, and I cannot wait to see what else is in store for me!

6 Replies to “Week 4 (April 8-12): Spending Hours on Millisecond”

  1. William E. says:

    Hey Devon,

    It sounds like your having a riveting educational experience. I gather you will likely be speaking completely in code by the time I return from my travels! I’m excited to see what you have coming your way in the next few weeks.

    1. Devon B. says:

      Yes, not only have I been learning new coding languages weekly, but I also speak mostly in Chinese at the lab! I’d be surprised if I can speak any English at all coming out of this project haha!

  2. Ryah A. says:

    This sounds amazing, Devon!! In terms of the assignments the test subjects will be required to complete, are you guys going to assess them before subjects actually begin to use them in order to ensure effectiveness and sufficiency for future data collection?

    1. Devon B. says:

      Yes indeed! We’ve been doing pilot testing and data collection to ensure everything goes to plan.

  3. Peter S. says:

    Hi Devon,

    It’s amazing that you are getting the opportunity to not only learn the different coding languages but also are able to use them. I’m sure that knowing different programs will be very useful in the future.

    1. Devon B. says:

      Definitely! All of this training will help me big time in college.

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