Week 3 (April 1-5): Picking up the PEBLs

May 08, 2019

Hello everyone, I’m back!

On Monday Giles introduced me to a programming software called PEBL (Psychology Experiment Building Language). With this program I am able to test and modify existing psychology experiments for my lab. I was tasked with combing through hundreds of the available experiments throughout the week, and creating an excel spreadsheet stating whether the tests could be of any help. Throughout this process I was able to learn about a wide array of psychological assessments, and the basics of another programming language. After hours of selecting programs, I sent them over to Giles for implementation in his lab procedure. I was thrilled to find out that my work was helpful, and that most of the programs would make their way into the final procedure.

On Tuesday we had another group meeting where I heard of some other developments in the lab including MRI and glaucoma studies.

Other than that, I have been able to assist in many different tasks throughout my time in the lab and I cannot wait to do more!

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