Week 5: Cancellations and Unfortunate Circumstances

Apr 30, 2019

This week has been a bit confusing for me. I was supposed to be on set of a Reel Works Student for ten hours one day and finish my hours on the next. However, the weather took a turn for the worst in New York. It was rainy on the Friday we were supposed to shoot and on Saturday one of the actors got sick. It really was a lesson in unpredictability in this business. External factors do matter and need to be taken into consideration when working with particular lighting, expensive equipment and the life of actors and crew members. Because the shoot this week was cancelled, the crew is going to meet on Monday and hopefully reschedule the date. If they do reschedule, I will be able to be a PA, or production assistant.

If I was on set this week, I would have taken notes on the procedures, the different jobs and film set etiquette. This type of information is helpful for my project because it gives insight how this craft is created into an influence for its audience. This information will also be used for my deliverable, or research paper. Working on a film set also would give me a film credit, which could be to my benefit in the near future.

Fingers crossed, I will be able to experience the reality of a film set soon!

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