My First Day in Cadillac, France

Apr 30, 2019

Bonjour everyone!

Thank you for tuning back in to my Senior Project. Today marks the beginning of my two week stay at Vignobles Lataste. Located in Cadillac, France, a small town about 30 minutes outside Bordeaux, Vignobles Lataste is a small family vineyard with about only 4-6 employees. There is Vincent, who owns the vineyard, Laurence, who is the vineyard manager, Mikael, who is in charge on outreach and wine handling, and François, who works the office. Vignobles Lataste is an organic vineyard built on the values of creating unique wines. For example, they have removed all the inorganic chemicals that are used in traditional winemaking. Aesthetically, Vignobles Lataste is stereotypically French with its vines situated on rolling farm hills and single lane paved roads throughout. While driving around the area your typically sight is most likely farmers on their tractors spraying the land or tending to the dirt.

The objective of today’s work was capping, and labeling. There were several orders of rosé that needed to be prepared for delivery. The capping and labeling process is aided by machines specifically made for wine manufacturing. Each bottle was first removed from its crate and is wiped clean of dust with a rag. Next, they were placed in a single file line along a moving track that would bring the bottles through each machine. First the bottles were capped. They were guided into the machine which would seal them airtight with a spinning clasp. The bottle would then be released and sent back along the tract to the labeling stage. Since this order was relatively small, six boxes of wine, the labels were placed on each bottle by hand. First the front label was placed just below where the neck of the bottle widens, then the second label was placed directly opposite on the back of the bottle. This process was repeated for each individual bottle of wine. Finally, the bottles were placed in boxes in groups of six. Each box was folded, filled, then sent through a machine that would seal them with tape.

Tomorrow and next Wednesday are both public holidays in France so I will not be working on the vineyard. However I will be back for Thursday and Friday this week to explore more on organic winemaking. Tomorrow, François offered to take me exploring and visit some of the famous local castles and landmarks in and around Cadillac. There is lots of more exciting news coming soon!

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  1. Mina S. says:

    Wow Liam, it seems really fun to learn about wine in another country. I had no idea that capping and labeling bottles of wine was such a tedious process. Without machines, I wonder how long manufacturing took. I look forward to reading more about your adventures in France!

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