Week 4: CSI

Apr 23, 2019

During this week, I went back to researching CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000-2015). I watched the first seven episodes of the first season and six episodes of the last season, in hopes to compare and contrast the two. CSI is about a team of criminalists in a forensic lab, solving a number of different crimes through scientific evidence. A criminalist is a person who uses their expertise in a certain scientific field to analyze and examine evidence and testifies in court on their findings. The show itself follows this group and sometimes their personal lives. Like Bones, each episode has a traditional narrative structure in which a crime is committed, they examine the evidence, someone has an epiphany and interprets the evidence in a nontraditional way, leading to an arrest or conclusion. As I watched season one, I noticed another similarity. CSI uses low key lighting much more than Bones, but the color scheme is virtually the same. The use of cooler colors such as blue is exaggerated to create a futuristic tone, which is most noticeable in the newer seasons. CSI dramatizes forensic labs. as well. In season 15, the last season, the use flat screen televisions, huge computers, and utilizes glass walls and windows to elevate how modern the lab itself is. Another inconsistency I noticed was the size of the cast and what their jobs entail. In reality, forensic scientists focus on one subject such as DNA, but on the show, a DNA analysts also works on ballistics and pathology. As I continued my research, I came out with more questions about how realistic the scientific procedures are and how consistent these cases are, especially the more outlandish ones. I also began writing my outline for the research paper. On Wednesday, my mentor and I sat down and taught me how to read scripts and create storyboards. I learned how much thought goes into different shots to convey the story. Next week I will be going on set of a Reel Works student as a production assistant.


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