Week 4: Practice til’ Perfection

Apr 22, 2019

On Monday, I checked in with my advisor and was informed that the estimated start date of Phase 2 recruitment would begin in mid-May. With that, project staff and I had to make sure that we knew every potential location in underfunded New York communities, and our marked areas of study (South Bronx and Upper Manhattan) that could hold potentially eligible participants in order to ensure a larger sample size for Phase 2 data analysis. Therefore, I was assigned to spend Monday and some of Tuesday adding to the list of recruitment locations. To do this, I looked into Spring and Summer events taking place in Upper Manhattan and South Bronx that took place during the times we would be recruiting. I made sure that the events were age appropriate, catered to a diverse crowd, and were reasonably accessible to eligible participants. Some of these events consisted of public parades, cultural festivals, public feasts, and more.

After researching recruitment locations, I spent the rest of my week assisting in analyzing existing survey responses from Phase 1 interviews in order to establish expectations for Phase 2 responses. More specifically, I reviewed the responses in regards to the willingness to participate in the study. During our Phase 1 interviews, one of the first questions asked were, “why did you decide to join our study?”. It was challenging for me to complete this task considering there were so many responses I had to read through and interpret correctly. However, I decided to create categories in a spreadsheet that the answers could be grouped in in order to evaluate some of the different motives to participate in this study. Categories such as financial compensation and relationship strengthening were noted as recurrent reasons for people to participate in the study. Based on this information, our recruitment efforts can work to appeal to potential participants more intentionally by emphasizing the financial rewards and opportunities to promote healthy relationships Project YESS offers when engaging with parental participants. It is very exciting to have all of this new insight as it will help project staff and I contribute to a change among youth across the country. Once mid-May approaches we should be ready to hit the streets once again!

3 Replies to “Week 4: Practice til’ Perfection”

  1. Phoebe L. says:

    Hello Ryah!! It sounds like you are exploring and learning a lot! The way you grouped categories was so efficient and helpful for solving the massive information problem. By reading your post, I also learned!

  2. Cass Adams says:

    Seems like we’re both spending a lot of time with spreadsheets Ryah ^▽^ definitely a new skill for me. Perhaps you relate?

    It’s cool to see that responses to the survey are used to better the recruitment efforts. I’d also agree that relationships and compensation are important elements for recruitment and for keeping participants happy. All of the music projects I’m working on are built on strong relationships! Ambitious goals tend to fall apart when the atmosphere isn’t friendly.

    Financial compensation (or lack therof) has also come into play this year a lot in the chiptune community. People are incredibly passionate about the scene, but there are limits to how much someone can give without any compensation. Undervaluing (specifically, refusing to pay) people for good work can force those people to move elsewhere even if they love said work.

    This must be a huge help! Understanding what participants need in return is essential for reaching big goals.

  3. Peter S. says:

    Hi Ryah, good use of Excel to organize and categorize the information that you collected. Its hard work gathering information and it’s even harder to intemperate what all the data means. Good luck and I look forward to reading more.

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