Organic Farrm Wines

Apr 22, 2019

Hey everyone thanks for tuning in again

I have very exciting news! This week I had my first onsite vineyard experience. On Wednesday I took the train out to Long Island and spent Thursday meeting the winemakers and learning about Organic Farrm Wines. I was only able to visit for one day but I will be revisiting Organic Farrm Wines at some point after my return from France.

Here’s a little background on Organic Farrm Wines (OFW for short). OFW was started in 1984 by Rex and Connie Farr in Calverton, Long Island. They spent its their preliminary six years practicing conventional farming but became the first and only certified organic farm in Long Island in 1990. The first grapes were planted in 2005 when OFW made the switch from farming crops such as vegetables and fruits and began to farm solely grapes for wine. The primary principle behind OFW’s grape farming was to be completely biodynamic. Mr. Farr began, and still does, following the methods of Rudolph Steiner. Steiner is regarded as the founder of biodynamics and is heavily regarded as the leading expert on the subject. Steiner has written dozens of books laying out the principles of biodynamics. One especially unique item that is used on the vineyard is the completely organic manure compost that is collected from all the animals who graze the farm. Mr. Farr referred to this manure as “gold!”

During my visit, Mr. Farr gave me the grand tour of his property where I saw sheep, cows, goats, chickens, dogs, feral cats, mules, and of course vines. For a city kid like me this was awesome to see. I learned that right now is not the harvesting season, as that comes towards the summer time which traditionally begins around August 25 and lasts until September 30. but that crucial work was still needed to be done in order to ensure ideal grape growth in time for harvesting. This visit came at a most opportune time as it was very helpful in familiarizing me with what I might be experiencing when I travel to France on Friday.

That’s right, the day is upon us. On Friday I fly to Europe and head to Cadillac, France where I will be beginning my two week stay at Vignobles Lataste! There is plenty of exciting news to come in the near future!

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