My Internship is Revitalizing How I Manage My Passions

Apr 20, 2019

I haven’t brought much attention to this so far, but in between research and interning, I continue to focus on my own personal music hobby/career. I run a small community and indie label called A Bit of Chiptune. Members of this group are passionate about music created with the sounds of old home computers. The “Chiptune” genre, instrument, medium, has many definitions. Allow me to share a snippet from the ChipWIN Blog: 

“Chipmusic at its core is electronic music created utilizing the chipsets from vintage video game and computing systems through both hardware & software. Examples of hardware include, but are not limited to, the Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, Sega Genesis, Commodore 64, and Amiga… used to create all styles and genres imaginable. Regardless of your musical preferences, there is chiptune out there somewhere for you. And if not, it’s simply waiting to be created.”

The first weeks of my internship at an audio company has prompted me to rethink some of the ways I approach my personal challenges as a music producer. I am at the core of so many different chiptune events, and the last thing I want is to be under -qualified. Since the start of this Senior Project, I’ve been reminded of the importance of communication, research, and asset management.

Communication has been the most important aspect of my internship, and it seems to be the important aspect of running music projects in general. Things tend to run smoothly when everyone in the group knows what’s going on, because we can support each other! I’m beginning to be more transparent with my list of to-dos. That lets my team distribute the weight of tasks, and we can get more done faster.

I’ve also been doing more research about chiptune events, even when I am not directly related to them. This new habit keeps me informed about what’s going on in the scene. Detailed research into such an obscure topic may may feel niche at times, but current-event knowledge  does wonders for inspiration, discussion, and helps me know who to reach out to when I’m in a peculiar situation.

The final big lesson I’ve learned, is that I have to organize my assets well. A Bit of Chiptune produces a ton of audiovisual content and as the head-founder it’s my responsibility to see that the content is organized and presented in a way that is easy to access. Thus, I am working on organizing files better internally, and I am also creating a more professional website so that those assets can be accessed all in one place.

Interning at a company and seeing all the things that go into building relationships and organization has been a wake up call for me. There is way more to the music industry than simply making music, and I get to see that first-hand as I get familiar with the professional field.

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