Week 5: PCRs, primers, but no prime

Apr 19, 2019

Since all the mice were already grafted, tumor progression was carefully measured and observed throughout the week. Water with medicines was made regularly, and the animals were also gavaged for treatments.

I had to split some cells several times to make sure that they would not overgrow and still be useable. Some samples were also frozen.

Since I had decided last week that it would be useful to try a new approach rather than only my western blots, work for running PCRs began immediately. From once again retrieving the old small and large intestine samples I still had little pieces of, to making cDNA out of them, to then making and ordering primers, I had not expected it to take so long. When I realized that we did not have enough of some primers, they needed to be ordered. Unfortunately, however, the next day delivery service took 3 days, and I only received them on Friday. In other words, I wish that I could order the primers through a prime account (Amazon), but I guess they have not expanded to the laboratory supply sector. I tried to make the best of it and used the ones we did have and also a beta actin for a control. When they did finally arrive Friday, I was able to run two of them that day. I look forward to running the rest of them in the coming weeks.

2 Replies to “Week 5: PCRs, primers, but no prime”

  1. William E. says:

    Hi Sam,
    Your project sounds like it has been very eventful recently. It is a shame that Amazon has expanded its reach to the laboratory supply sector yet! It is great to see your ingenuity when it comes to problem solving and creative thinking with your experiment.

    1. Samuel L. says:

      Thanks Liam!

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