Week 3: Rolls Royce Rally

Apr 19, 2019

This week we had 4 Rolls Royces. Two that caught my attention had very urgent safety issues.

For one, a customer bought a Rolls Royce Drophead in Florida and decided to drive it back to New York. On his way, the car started to vibrate vigorously. The driver got scared because to make the 3 ton vehicle shake so vigorously is no easy feat and he thought that something serious must have broken. He came to Corsa Motors as soon as he could. After the customer described the problem to Cosmo and James, each took a test drive to identify the issue. At first they thought that it could be a broken bushing in the drive shaft support bearing or a broken rear differential. This damage could have cost the customer up to 30 thousand dollars. Placing the car on the lift, Cosmo drove the car to let the wheels spin to see what the issue might be from the under side. While the car was running on the lift, the entire drive shaft and differential was shaking. After carefully examining all the possible problem areas, James saw that there was one bolt missing from the drive shaft. This was one of the six bolts that connects the drive shaft to the differential. The Rolls Royce is one of the few car companies left that are still constructing cars completely by hand and even though all the parts and the assembled car go through rigorous testing to insure the best safety, this one bolt shows how we can not predict all possible scenarios.

The second Rolls Royce was a Phantom. The customer came in saying that the car was leaving oil stains on the driveway and there was a burnt aroma inside the car while driving. After putting the car on the lift it was clear that there was oil leaking down the back of the engine. Looking into the motor James pointed out to me that the valve cover gasket was broken. This leaky oil is a big issue because not only does it make the interior of the car smell, but also the engine will lock up and brake without the oil. In order for the engine to work properly, the oil pressure must be regulated and the EPA does not allow cars with oil leaks to be driven on the road. While inspecting the oil valve cover gasket, James noticed that the water pump was also leaking which could cause the engine to overheat.

Next week we expect to receive the shift position solenoid for the McLaren P12.

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