Week 4 – Gavage and Lavage to prevent Ravage

Apr 12, 2019

Some more mice we ordered arrived on Monday, to begin the next stage to my experiment. Since the mice need to acclimate to their new environment in our facilities, we decided that I would graft and gavage—administer compounds orally, directly to the stomach through a feeding needle—on Friday, leaving time to measure growth progression regularly next week.

The week began with finishing up several remaining western blots. Since I have effectively repeated all of them twice, I began to upload them online for formatted organization and analysis. I created some graphics and charts to compare the protein junctions and the effectiveness of their regulation through treatment.

After a close analysis, I was recommended to also attempt doing RNA sequencing and analysis. This meant once again getting samples of small and large intestines and beginning the RNA extraction process through lysis. This should be ready by Monday, when I will continue this process.

In the meantime, however, I continued working in cell culture, and got ready to inject the animals on Friday. This meant splitting the cells so that the I have the specific number in one hundred microliters that I need.

Come Friday, I was in the animal facility nearly all day. Because there are so many, grafting the mice and injecting them with tumors took a long time. Though I made their water have some of the oral medications and antibiotics, some treatments had to be given by means of gavaging since they would not take otherwise.

I also stayed to help measure tumors of older mice in the facility as we need to sacrifice some of the older mice early next week for our gut analysis.

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