Week 2: Accidents Happen

Apr 12, 2019

Shock, was the expression on my face when I came in on Monday morning and walked into the Corsa Motor’s garage.

As you may remember, last week, I told you about a gorgeous Ferrari 488 Spyder that came in for storage. What I didn’t tell you is that the Ferrari is owned by Gotham Dream Cars a very prestigious rental company that supplies exotic cars for rent in the tristate area. Over the weekend, the Ferrari was rented out and on Monday when I saw the car the only expression my face could bare was shock. The beautiful candy apple red Ferrari, all scratched up with a broken headlight and a crooked wheel and that was just the visible damages that I could see on the surface.

After the insurance adjuster came and assessed the damage, I was able to read about the full scope of the damage in a report. The damage consisted of a broken driver side rear ceramic brake rotor, upper and lower control arm, park assist and lane assist sensor and camera, driver side door airbag, driver side seat belt, inside door panel, front bumper cover with the front lip, and scratched rim. Driving too fast in the rain, the driver lost control of the car but thanks to the safety features of the Ferrari, he was able to walk away without a scratch.

As the talented mechanic, James, started fixing the damaged area I was able to observe the magnificent engineering of the Ferrari suspension and see some of the safety features in place. The airbags, seat belt, ceramic breaks, and shock absorption of the suspension definitely helped to keep the driver safe.  

In other news, this week James finished taking off the panels from the Mclaren P12 that was brought in last week. The process felt like solving a complicated puzzle. I wonder if Mclaren engineered the car in such a complicated way in order to prevent the customers from taking it for service outside of the company. Well, James was able to solve the puzzle and now that the body panels are off, he was able to get the motor out of the car and started to work on repairing the reverse gear.

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