Week 1: Disneyland For Car Enthusiasts

Apr 05, 2019

For my first week on site I had a blast meeting the mechanic, owner, and seeing the kinds of cars that were coming into the shop.

When I arrived on Monday I was greeted with a warm welcome by Cosmo, my onsite advisor. Cosmo introduced me to James, the head mechanic, who then showed me around the shop. Next James showed me the latest car that he has been working on, a McLaren P12. This McLaren P12 came in without a reverse gear. The car would drive forward going from first to the sixth gear just fine but it would not engage reverse. After the customer went to the McLaren dealership, the specialist there said that the entire transmission needed to be replaced. Hearing this, he wanted a second opinion so he came to Corsa Motors LLC. James examined the problem and said that the reverse could be repaired. So this week we have some work on our hands of getting this McLaren to go backwards again. As James takes the car apart, I will be able to see the inner workings of a McLaren engine and the safety features that lie beneath the body panels.    

Tuesday was more of a quiet day were only two cars came in to get a pre-purchase inspection but then Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were action packed with a Lamborghini Superleggera, Ferrari 488 Spyder, and Jaguar XJR.

The Lamborghini Superleggera came in for routine 60,000 mile service. James effortlessly serviced the engine replacing the spark plugs, two air filters, two fuel filters, cabin filter, an oil change, and gear oil change. He then topped off the fluids and checked the breaks.

The Ferrari 488 Spyder came in for storage. It now has a new home here at Corsa.

The Jaguar XJR was brought in on a tow truck. After popping the hood and a little digging, James found that the car was not running because the engine chain broke.

Seeing as how cars are constantly rolling into the shop, I am excited to witness what will be next!

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